LA Cancer CenterFor some, cancer may not be a one-time event. Certain types of cancer, including ovarian, breast, lymphoma, and prostate when diagnosed in advanced stages may never completely go away. As long as you are getting maintenance treatment, your cancer can be prevented from growing or spreading. In cases like this, cancer can be compared to other chronic conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease. It needs to be closely watched and treated.

If you’re living with cancer, life has a new normal. There are a number of things that you can do for yourself and the Cancer Center of Southern California can help you. Creating a positive, supporting environment is one of the unique components of the Center’s philosophy. Consider Cancer Center physicians your health partners who focus on your well-being, both physically and emotionally.

How is Chronic Cancer Treated?

Chronic cancer is approached in the same way as the first occurrence. It first needs to be evaluated using numerous factors including cancer type, location, and intensity along with considering your overall health and personal wishes. Sometimes, chronic cancer can be treated in the same manner as the first occasion. Other times, a different treatment may be best. Chronic cancer means you will be incorporating treatments into your everyday life.

Over the long term, chronic cancers are usually treated with chemotherapy. It is often given when the cancer becomes active again. Your doctor will closely watch your cancer with imaging and blood tests.

It is vital that you become involved in your treatment. Ask your doctor why a certain treatment is recommended and if are there options. Discuss with your doctor how treatment will affect you. You can then make an informed decision.

Patients at the Cancer Center never have to prompt doctors or staff for information. Dr. Sant Chawla and Dr. Kumar Sankhala always discuss treatment options and treatment plans with patients. Keeping patients informed about treatment therapies and choices is an important part of maintaining physician and patient rapport and forging a close relationship.

You Take Control

There are things that you can do to take control. Manage your health and well-being with lifestyle choices that help you and support a positive outlook.

  • Keep Informed – learn about health updates
  • Accept the Situation – do not dwell on things you cannot change
  • Express Feelings – communicate your emotions and share them
  • Focus on Healthy Activities – do activities you enjoy and that help you
  • Enjoy the Moment – appreciate the present
  • Exercise – keep active

Focusing on the parts of your life that you can control gives you goals and helps toward a positive attitude.

Contact the Cancer Center Specialists Today

Cancer Center of Southern California specialists care about the importance of their patients’ physical and emotional health. Creating a positive, supporting environment is a core philosophy of the Cancer Center and its staff. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer recently or you seek a second opinion about cancer treatment, please contact us at 310-552-9999 to schedule a private consultation. Learn more about patients’ stories at the Cancer Center.