Second Opinion

We’re here to help our patients with decision-making about their cancer care. Important decisions are being made and it can be overwhelming at times. We want our patients to know that we are available and accessible for them.

The Importance of a Second Opinion

We are a patient’s partner in fighting cancer, and we want them to feel confident about the choices they make in their cancer care. Whether coming to the Cancer Center for primary cancer treatment, or as a resource for an another perspective, the most important issue is a patient’s return to health.

Part of that requires an understanding of each step in treatment and knowing the best treatment plan has been selected. A second opinion might help with better understanding a cancer diagnosis, discovering new treatment options, or confirming a recommended treatment from another doctor.

Why Get Another Perspective?

Wanting another opinion doesn’t mean that a physician is disliked or a course of treatment is being questioned. A cancer diagnosis is life-changing, and we believe second opinions are an important part of a patient’s recovery. Patients should partner with their medical team to fight cancer, and they should feel confident about all of the decisions being made about their cancer care.

Getting another opinion can help a patient make more informed decisions about their cancer treatment plan. A second opinion could introduce advanced treatment options that offer a better solution for recovery or even a better prognosis. Our team of highly skilled oncologists partners with specialists from renowned medical institutions in developing treatment plans honoring our patients’ physical and emotional health and achieving the best possible outcome.

What Happens During Your Visit?

Whether the Los Angeles Cancer Center is the treating physician or resource for a second opinion, the process typically includes a comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s current and past medical history and type and stage of cancer. Once a case has been thoroughly reviewed, treatment recommendations are presented or the primary doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan are confirmed.

The findings of another opinion could also include recommendations for additional diagnostic testing to confirm the original diagnosis. A second opinion could result in learning about other treatment options, such as new clinical trials that you may qualify for.

Contact the Oncology Experts for More Information

Our team of highly trained oncologists is intimately involved in each patient’s case. We are deeply committed to the emotional and physical well-being of each and every one of our patients and encourage them to participate actively in their cancer care. Each patient receives the careful attention of an expert team of medical specialists through our multi-modal treatment approach.

If you would like to consult with one of our LA physicians or schedule an appointment, please contact by filling out our online contact form or by calling our center at 310-552-9999.

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