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Rides Save Lives

Transportation shouldn’t be a roadblock to cancer treatment. Even with help from family and friends, sometimes patients have trouble getting every ride they need. We’re here to help. We have several transportation assistance programs all across the country and can connect you to the best option for your situation.

Call us for help finding a ride: 1-800-227-2345

Or visit for more information.

Air Charity Network is a charitable organization that provides access for people in need who are seeking free air transportation to specialized health care facilities or distant destinations due to family, community, or national crisis. Air Charity Network serves all 50 states and its volunteer pilots utilize their own aircraft, fuel and time to provide free air transportation to medical facilities for citizens who are financially distressed or otherwise unable to travel on public transportation. Air Charity Network members also coordinate flights to fly organ transplant candidates, people involved in clinical trials, chemotherapy or other repetitive treatment, victims of abuse seeking relocation, families receiving help from Ronald McDonald Houses, Shriners Hospitals and many other charities, disabled or sick children to special summer camp programs, and for many other humanitarian reasons.

Visit or call (877) 621-7177 for more information.

Angel Flight West (AFW) is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that arranges free, non-emergency air transportation within the 13 Western states for children and adults with serious medical conditions and other compelling needs. AFW matches up volunteer pilots to people in need, enabling them to receive medical treatment and other vital care that might otherwise be inaccessible because of financial, medical, or geographic limitations.

There are NO costs of any kind for an AFW mission – neither to the patient, the patient’s family, nor the healthcare provider. Angel Flight West calls upon a network of volunteer pilots who fly their own private or rented aircraft, paying for fuel and all other flight-related expenses.

Visit or call either (310) 390-2958 or for toll free, (888) 4AN-ANGEL for more information.

Corporate Angel Network is a charitable organization whose sole mission is to transport cancer patients to the hospital at which they need to be in order to receive a specialized form of treatment. Simply put, we pair empty seats – on both private and corporate planes – with qualified patients who need the rides… at no cost. This not only improves the patients’ chances of survival but at the same time, it reduces their emotional stress, physical discomfort, and financial burden.

Visit or call (914) 328-1313 for more information.

Referral Request for Charitable Transportation

Mercy Medical Angels provides FREE transportation nationwide to and from medical care for qualifying in-need individuals and their families. Provides information about all forms of charitable, long-distance medically-related transportation and provides referrals to all appropriate sources of help available in the national charitable medical transportation network.

Visit or call (800) 296-1217 to request a referral.

Top Cancer Centers for Mesothelioma Treatment

Find a mesothelioma specialty center and specialist who knows the latest, cutting-edge treatment advances. Don’t accept the typical gloom-and-doom approach that was so prevalent just a few years ago — even at well-known cancer centers.

Visit or call (844) 807-0913.

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