Leading the Way in Cancer Care

IMG_4299web The Cancer Center of Southern California in Santa Monica, California is a renowned cancer treatment facility recognized among the medical community as a leader in clinical research and personalized cancer care. Our team of prestigious oncologists lead and participate in drug trials for the treatment of all types and stages of cancer helping patients towards a more favorable recovery.

Through our involvement in clinical trials, we can give our patients access to the most advanced drug therapies to benefit our patients. By taking part in a wide variety of clinical trials, we are able to provide patients with the latest in medical oncology care that cannot be found elsewhere.

Please review the clinical trials currently taking place at the Cancer Center.

The Cancer Center of Southern California

The Cancer Center of Southern California was founded by Dr. Sant Chawla, who has dedicated his 30-year career to fighting cancer and is internationally known for his pioneering work in chemotherapy research and oncology.

Dr. Chawla and his partners, including Dr. Doris Quon, provide patients with the highest quality cancer care and are dedicated to creating a warm, compassionate environment. Each works closely with patients to offer unparalleled personal attention and superior quality of treatment.

Our expertise in cancer care is evidenced through our physicians’ published work in more than 100 peer-reviewed medical journals. Dr. Chawla also frequently presents at national and international medical conferences, including the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting.

Integrative Oncology

Cancer often requires an integrated approach combining two or more methods, and many of our patients are treated by several doctors. Often oncologists refer their patients to us or we help our patients by partnering with specialists from prestigious institutions such as UCLA Medical Center, USC University Hospital, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and St. John’s Health Center.

Combined, we provide our patients with the most effective, comprehensive treatment plan possible, working closely with each patient’s medical providers including primary care doctors, surgeons, pathologists and radiologists.

Our focus is providing our patients with the best in dedicated and innovative treatment solutions.

Comprehensive Patient Support For Personalized Treatment

Through a wide variety of cancer treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and more, each patient who finds care at the Cancer Center of Southern California receives oncology treatment that is best for his or her unique needs. Since many patients require multiple forms of treatment, our oncologists work closely with each patient’s medical team, from primary care doctors to surgeons, radiologists, and pathologists coordinating all phases of care.

Our individualized and comprehensive integrated treatment plans are based on a patient’s individual case with each personally supervised by our physicians. The environment created at the Cancer Center of Southern California is unlike any other cancer care facility, providing the personal attention and concern normally only experienced at home.

Benefiting Patients With Our Clinical Trials

We are dedicated to defeating cancer through our clinical research in drug development and have become one of the most sought after research centers because of our novel drug therapies for patients. Some of the studies at Sarcoma Oncology have been the first of their kind, such as studies with Aldoxorubicin, Rexin-G, trabectedin, ipilumab and nivolumab. Through our numerous clinical studies, we are constantly striving to provide our patients with better outcomes and cancer-fighting ability.

Contact Our Cancer Specialists Today

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, please contact us today at 310.552.9999 for more information about the Cancer Center of Southern California and schedule an appointment with one of our leading oncologists. Whether you seek a second opinion, inquire about our clinical trials, or are at the start of your cancer journey, we want to help you receive the best possible treatment.

For more information on our cutting-edge oncology treatments, learn more about our multi-model treatment plans at the Center.

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