Steven G. Wong, MD

Steven G. Wong, MD, is a board-certified Hematologist and Medical Oncologist, who received his medical degree from UCLA School of Medicine. He went on to complete his residency and fellowship at UCLA as well. He initially began his clinical journey as a researcher studying the HER2 gene, a gene that plays a vital role in HER2 positive breast cancer. Due to his discoveries, we now have multiple treatment options that began with Herceptin. By utilizing these drugs, patients who were once given mere months to live are now successfully beating cancer with an improved quality of life. Since the publication of his research, there continues to be new and improved therapies that aids in improving the lives of many cancer patients.

Dr. Wong was an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine and Urology in the Division of Hematology Oncology and Department of Urology at The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. He continues to hold privileges at UCLA Medical Center and Providence Saint John’s Medical Center. Additionally, he remains an active member of the UCLA Endocrine Team for adrenal tumors and pheochromocytoma. Currently, Dr. Wong’s practice consists of both clinical and research work. He participates in many clinical research studies serving as a Principal and Subprincipal Investigator at the Cancer Center of Southern California, Sarcoma Oncology Research Center, and The Pancreatic Cancer Center of Los Angeles. These trials encompass various cancer diagnoses including sarcomas, genitourinary cancers, gastrointestinal cancers, and breast cancer. He helps to oversee treatments which use novel chemotherapies, immunotherapies, and biologic therapies.

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