Cancer Treatment

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming news especially when concerned about where to go for treatment. Physicians of the Cancer Center of Southern California are specialists in cancer diagnosis and treatment with extensive experience in cancer care, research and clinical trials. We are prepared to provide the most medically advanced treatment combined with compassion and dedication to defeating cancer.

Our patients receive personal and individualized attention from prestigious oncologists who are specialists in all cancer types, and we are intimately involved in our patients’ care honoring the uniqueness of each person’s needs.

Our treatment approach is multi-modal and individualized with patients receiving care from a medical team – we work hand-in-hand with your surgeons, pathologists and radiation oncologists. We use top quality imaging devices for disease confirmation. We collaborate with physicians from medical institutions including St. John’s, Cedars Sinai, M.D. Anderson, UCLA, USC, and Stanford and combined, we implement the most effective multi-modal treatment for each patient.

We develop the best possible course of treatment based on the unique characteristics of a patient’s case. We evaluate the grade and stage of the tumor, prior treatments received (if any), progress of the cancer, biopsy analysis and other individual factors then develop a personalized treatment plan.


Cancer Center oncologists are leaders in cancer research and considered the pioneers in advanced clinical research trials worldwide. Through our clinical research, we have access to the most recent cancer drugs and depending upon a patient’s case, we can offer opportunities for participation in clinical trials. We are known for our tremendous efforts in patient care and commitment to defeating cancer.

Advancements with chemotherapy have changed it from a highly toxic treatment that produced significant side effects to its current versions which are less debilitating on a patient’s body. In recent years, Dr. Chawla, in collaboration with internationally renowned oncologists, pioneered new chemotherapy treatments, such as intravenous chemotherapy, that have reduced or even eliminated chemotherapy side effects. Modern treatments can protect the heart and kidney, substantially reduce infections and blood transfusions and eliminate nausea and vomiting for most patients.

Chemotherapy is a balancing act with the right combination capable of aggressively eliminating the cancerous tissue and preventing recurrence, coupled with the importance of maintaining a patient’s quality of life throughout treatment. Dr. Chawla has made it possible for 50% of his chemotherapy patients to work, live a normal daily routine and exercise during treatment.


Radiation therapy sterilizes tumor cells and prevents them from dividing and increasing in number. It can be used before, during and after surgery as an effective tool targeting specific, localized areas.

This cancer radiotherapy is a powerful tool that prevents the spread of diseased tissue around the tumor. In most treatments, the irradiated area is about five to 10 centimeters (approximately two inches) beyond the original tumor. There are multiple treatments, such as brachytherapy, and standard cancer radiotherapy.


In some cases, surgery can be an effective option, often following an initial treatment of chemotherapy that is used to shrink the tumor. By shrinking the tumor first, surgery can be a less invasive experience for the patient. The introduction of new adjuvant chemotherapy (post surgical chemotherapy) has helped to improve surgery techniques and with the help of internal prostheses, cases rarely resort to amputation. We even have robotic cancer surgery available depending on your needs.

Clinical Trials

Our Los Angeles oncology physicians actively participate in clinical trials working with the newest drugs and through this involvement, can offer the most advanced treatment plan for each individual.

We strive to provide the newest and most promising treatments to our patients. We believe that such research should be done with the highest ethical standards and full accountability to our patients and referring physicians.

Our Los Angeles oncology experts are currently leading phase two of a clinical trial for Ranpirnase (in addition to Carboplatin and Pemetrexed in Non-squamous and NSCLC), drugs for the treatment of lung cancer.

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The Cancer Center is dedicated to offering the best possible solution to fighting cancer through our integrated approach, while providing second opinions to those having already visited an oncology specialist. Consideration is given to the physical and emotional well-being of each patient who comes to us. We offer such services as chemotherapy in Los Angeles. Please contact our center at 310-552-9999 to schedule a consultation with one of our LA oncologists.

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