Brachytherapy Treatment

Radiation is effective at killing cancer cells, and doctors might recommend this course of treatment when a cancerous tumor resides in the cancer cells only and not the entire body. Special equipment designed for use in cancer treatment uses high-energy radio waves to destroy the tumor. It is one of the most common treatments for cancer, either by itself or along with other forms of treatment his keeps the cells from growing and making more cancer cells. Radiation can also affect normal cells near the tumor. But normal cells can repair themselves and cancer cells cannot.

Radiotherapy is often recommended as treatment whether as the sole method or in conjunction with other modalities including surgery or chemotherapy. Typically, chemotherapy is used if the cancer has spread into other areas of the body, and in these circumstances, one of the most effective treatment facilities is the Cancer Center of Southern California. Many doctors refer their patients to Dr. Sant Chawla, Cancer Center director, who are frequently lead investigators in clinical drug trials and are internationally known for advanced drug therapeutics and work with cancer patients.

What is Brachytherapy Treatment

There are two different forms of radiotherapy. An external-beam method administers radiation from a machine outside the patient. The internal method, or brachytherapy treatment, places a radioactive implant in the body adjacent to cancer cells. The implant regulates periodic doses of radiation over a specified period of time per the radiologist’s specifications.

Brachytherapy treatment has the ability to treat the patient within a concentrated area, which cannot be performed by external radiation. Brachytherapy can also be regulated to emit either a low-dose or a high-dose-rate treatment as follows:

  • Low-dose: continuous radiotherapy over several days.
  • High-dose: periodic treatment performed in one or more sessions. Patient’s implant connected to an external machine during session.

The oncologist will recommend the type of radiotherapy used after evaluating numerous various about the tumor and patient:

  • Age
  • Health status
  • Medical history
  • Tumor size and type
  • Tumor location
  • Healthy tissue margin

If radiotherapy is to be used in conjunction with other treatment including chemotherapy, the cancer care team partners closely with other practitioners. Oncologists with the Cancer Center of Southern California often coordinate treatment with other medical institutions.

How Does Brachytherapy Treatment Work?

Treatment depends on several factors: type of cancer, tumor location, overall health, and supplementary cancer treatment. This will determine whether high-dose or low-dose is recommended:

  • High-dose: Treatment for only a few minutes at a very high dose and administered over a period of time repeatedly.
  • Low-dose: Lower dose over a longer period of time. Implant can be used and remains in body until treatment completed.

If radiotherapy is given as a supplementary treatment with chemotherapy at the Cancer Center, Dr. Chawla will coordinate all of your treatments with your primary doctor.

Cancer Specialists Can Help You

If you would like consultation about your treatment options, contact the chemotherapy specialists at the Cancer Center of Southern California. Dr. Sant Chawla is an internationally recognized authority on cancer treatment. Call today at 310-552-9999 to schedule a consultation.

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