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Offering Emotional Support to a Cancer Patient

The emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming not only to the person facing the illness, but to that person’s family and friends as well. Whether the person diagnosed is your own child, parent, sibling or best friend, finding the right way to offer emotional support through words and actions may be a  Continue Reading »

Helpful Tips for Managing Side Effects During Cancer Treatment

Men’s Health Week, June 15 to June 21, is a national awareness program designed to encourage men to take proper care of their health and practice preventive medicine. For their contribution, Cancer Center of Southern California physicians and staff have some helpful suggestions for cancer patients. These tips are intended to ease some of the  Continue Reading »

Living With Cancer Can Be Normal

For some, cancer may not be a one-time event. Certain types of cancer, including ovarian, breast, lymphoma, and prostate when diagnosed in advanced stages may never completely go away. As long as you are getting maintenance treatment, your cancer can be prevented from growing or spreading. In cases like this, cancer can be compared to  Continue Reading »

Five Early Symptoms of Gastric Cancer

Gastric cancer (stomach cancer) is a type of soft tissue sarcoma and ranks as the fourth most common cancer worldwide. Most cases of this disease tend to appear in men of African and Asian descent but it can develop in Caucasian males age 70 and older. This type of cancer forms in the innermost lining  Continue Reading »

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