Armpit Swelling Causes

Armpit swelling causes can be related to swollen lymph nodes, a condition that commonly develops in breast cancer patients. If swollen lymph nodes are detected, you must immediately have them examined by your oncologist. While it isn’t always an indicator of cancer, it’s a symptom that must be medically diagnosed. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are currently undergoing treatment, the swelling could be related to your cancer, but only your doctor can confirm this.

If you are concerned the swelling is cancer related, you might want a second opinion or discuss optional treatment. The Cancer Center of Southern California, led by Dr. Sant Chawla, is one of the most sought after clinical centers due to their research and treatment solutions. They’ve developed innovative drug therapies for breast cancer and are currently in a clinical trial sponsored by Bayer Healthcare for a therapeutic treating breast and ovarian cancers.

Armpit Swelling Causes

Lymph nodes are small, round tissue masses that can be found throughout the body, not just in the armpits. They can be found under the jaw, behind the ears, and in the groin. They’re connected with the body’s immune system trapping and destroying bacteria and other harmful substances. Lymp nodes are normally small and undetectable under the skin, but when you get sick, they swell up to several times their size and become noticeable to the touch.

Lymph nodes can swell from infection, a medical condition such as lupus, or cancer. Symptom of swollen gland can include:

  • Lump
  • Skin is red, warm, and swollen
  • Pain and tenderness upon touch

These symptoms, along with lump in breasts can be a sign of swollen glands. If the swelling appears soft and tender and move when examined, then most likely you have an infection or it’s inflammation. But if the lymph node is hard and doesn’t move upon touch then you must have a doctor examine the area.

A biopsy will help determine the underlying cause of the swelling. The biopsy removes some of the tissue for examination under a microscope. If you have breast cancer, the biopsy will confirm whether the disease has spread to the armpit. If this is the case, your doctor may want to conduct some additional diagnostic exams before recommending additional treatment.

If you would like a second opinion on the biopsy or treatment alternatives, contact the Cancer Center and Dr. Chawla for assistance.

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