Lump in Breast

Many women discover they have cancer when they come across a lump in their breast. Often, this begins a woman’s journey with cancer and the indelible association of a lump with malignancy. However, a swollen mass in the breast doesn’t always signify a tumor. It could be a symptom of lymphedema, a possible side effect of breast cancer surgery or radiation. Lymphedema develops when fluid collects in the body to form a benign swollen mass in the breast, arm, underarm, chest or other part of the body.

If You Find a Lump in Breast

If you notice symptoms possibly indicating lymphedema, consult with your doctor to have the growth examined. The condition typically develops slowly, and it could even occur years following cancer surgery. If you are currently being treated for cancer and have several doctors, you might want to speak with the physician who is coordinating all your treatment and already has all your updated medical information.

Dr. Sant Chawla of the Cancer Center of Southern California often serve as the point of contact for patients regarding treatment schedules. They are two of the most renowned oncologists specializing in chemotherapy and highly regarded for their expertise in malignant tumors.

Symptoms of Lymphedema

Early detection of lymphedema before the condition is more advanced helps towards effective treatment. Initial symptoms are usually subtle but in knowing the signs of lymphedema can help you to notice any changes before the condition reaches an advanced stage.
Depending on the location of the soft mass, symptoms can include:

  • Indentation upon pressure
  • Swelling in breast, chest, arm, or hand
  • Discomfort, achiness, or warmth in the hand, arm, chest, breast, or underarm
  • Joints tight or less flexible
  • Pins and needles sensation or shooting pain
  • Tender elbow

There are steps you can follow to lower your risk of lymphedema or manage the condition if you’ve already been diagnosed

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