Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Los Angeles

For patients with Hodgkin’s disease, finding a cure through a personalized treatment plan is the primary goal. Except for biopsy and staging, surgery is rarely used to treat the disease. Chemotherapy either as a standalone treatment or combined with radiotherapy are typically recommended for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In Los Angeles, our respected oncologist in cancer treatment, Dr. Sant Chawla, can be found at the Cancer Center of Southern California. They’ve helped many lymphoma patients through their work in chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Los Angeles

Before treatment begins, it is recommended that you first discuss aHodgkin's Lymphoma Specialists Beverly Hillsll treatment options and goals with your doctor. A treatment plan isn’t only about the type and stage of your lymphoma; instead, it’s also about your overall health and response to treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are usually recommended, and depending on your personal situation, these are either used together or one is recommended as treatment. In discussing these options and considering your medical circumstances, you want to make a decision that meets your needs and personal preferences as well as treatment goals.

With chemotherapy, it is often administered through the bloodstream making it a systemic method of treating cancer. The advantage of chemotherapy is its ability to enter the body then travel via the bloodstream to areas of the body not reachable through surgery or radiation therapy.

Patients receive chemotherapy in cycles over a period of time with periodic breaks in between sessions. This gives the body and patient a time to recover and recharge. While treatment schedules differ depending on a patient’s health and stage of cancer, chemotherapy cycles last several weeks at a time. Sessions are outpatient typically at the doctor’s office, chemotherapy clinic, or a hospital. The Cancer Center of Southern California is a treatment facility with a comfortable space for patients, but the director of the facility, Dr. Sant Chawla, also schedules appointments with his patients and meets with them in private rooms.

The drug therapies used for Hodgkin’s lymphoma can be a combination of several medicines or a single drug. Each chemotherapy plan differs from patient to patient. A course of treatment effective for one person might not be a as effective for another. The doctors at the Cancer Center monitor their patients very carefully, taking great effort to develop the most favorable treatment for each one.

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Lymphoma is best treated by oncologists who specialize in cancer care. The doctors at the Cancer Center of Southern California are renowned for their expertise in medically advanced solutions through novel drug therapies, clinical trials, and extensive experience. Call today at 310-552-9999 to schedule a consultation.

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