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Lymphoma originates in the white blood cells of lymph nodes that are found throughout the body. These blood cells, called lymphocytes, affect the type of cancer that develops. With Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) there are over 30 different types of the disease, which are classified into either fast-growing high-grade or slow-growing low grade. The type of lymphoma that is diagnosed is a critical factor in determining which treatment to use.

If you’ve been diagnosed with lymphoma, you have numerous decisions to consider, such as where to go for NHL treatment. In the Beverly Hills area, you may want to consult with the lymphoma NHL Lymphoma Treatment Los Angelesspecialists at the Cancer Center of Southern California. The Center is headed up by the most qualified cancer treatment expert in oncology, Dr. Sant Chawla. He is a recognized leader in customized chemotherapy solutions, and many doctors in the area refer their patients to him. Not only is Dr. Chawla dedicated to developing the best treatment plan, his involvement in clinical trials gives patients access to the most advanced drug therapies.

NHL Treatment in Beverly Hills

Before treatment can begin, your doctor will perform a thorough and comprehensive examination of you and your lymphoma. Identifying the type of lymphoma, its growth stage, and size are essential steps before beginning NHL treatment. The Beverly Hills team at the Cancer Center of Southern California develop individualized treatment only after evaluating diagnostic results from imaging and laboratory tests.

Two of the most common types of NHL treatment include chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Surgery is typically not used for lymphoma. Cellular origin of the lymphoma is essential to determining the most appropriate type of drug therapies to use. Typically, chemotherapy is used to prevent the growth of NHL, destroy the cancer, and relieve symptoms. Your doctor will either consider a single medication or a combination of medicine therapies, and if needed, include radiation therapy with chemotherapy.

Numerous factors go into making these treatment decisions as well as a patient’s personal considerations. The doctors at the Cancer Center of Southern California make it a point to thoroughly explain treatment choices and recommendations. They are dedicated to providing their patients with a high quality of care and making themselves available to answer questions about treatment options and cancer care.

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Lymphoma is a complex cancer which is best treated by doctors who specialize in cancer care. The doctors at the Cancer Center are renowned for their expertise in medically advanced solutions providing their patients with novel drug therapies, clinical trials, and experience. Call today at 310-552-9999 to schedule a consultation.

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