Doctors that Study Tumors

The Cancer Center of Southern California is staffed by a couple of the most renowned doctors that study tumors. Dr. Sant Chawla is the leading physician at the center who is well known for his innovative work in chemotherapy research and treatment.

The Cancer Center is one of the most sought after treatment centers due to the clinical research conducted by the doctors. Currently, their investigations include several therapeutics in phase one and phase two studies including one dose escalation study for a Bayer Healthcare therapeutic used in treating breast and ovarian cancers.

Doctors That Study Tumors

Doctors that study tumors are often presenters at oncology conferences to present the latest advances in cancer treatment. The Cancer Center doctors are frequent guest speakers at these events as well as authors of articles on cancer treatment. In fact, Dr. Chawls has published or contributed to more than 100 research publications in prestigious peer-reviewed journals.

The doctors are known for their use of new technologies including molecular profiling and gene sequencing. Cancer treatment often involves multi-disciplinary efforts and individualized treatment plans, and with the advanced technologies, the doctors can develop innovative solutions best-suited for their patients. These sophisticated approaches help us reach that goal more effectively.”

Our Specialists Can Help You

Cancer Center of Southern California is dedicated to defeating the disease by offering patients the best possible treatment solution. We believe that integrating the physical and emotional care is essential to successful recovery. Please contact our center at 310-552-9999 to schedule a consultation with one of our oncologists regarding
individualized treatment for you.

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